what if?

My parents made me suspicious of insurance. They weren’t necessarily optimistic people, but they just felt they could handle bad outcomes themselves and didn’t trust that insurance help with be forth coming in the event of a disaster. They were mistrustful of those who were selling something for the “what if” scenarios of life. I think they understood numbers and felt that if the chance of a house fire was 1/10,000 then it was unlikely to happen to them so don’t get fire insurance. So far, so good.



I like bare walls. If you saw inside my house, you'd see empty white walls. My mind is cluttered with information and I want my visual environment to feel uncluttered. The worst kind of wall clutter, in my opinion, is the paper sign taped to a wall - it looks messy and unplanned. Having said that, we just posted a paper sign on one of our walls at Olive. The sign asks people not to wear perfume to the clinic.  

While the sign looks messy, the message on it is important. 


IVF Questions

At the first consult with a patient I typically start by explaining the process of conception: the menstrual cycle, release of an egg (ovulation), fertilization of the egg in the tube by sperm to create an embryo, and then implantation of the embryo into the uterus. The basics of reproduction. If a couple needs IVF over the next visit or more, we take them from the basics of reproduction to complex concepts of embryo development, implantation, and genetics.  

Abandoned Embryos

The Province newspaper's cover story yesterday was about the closing of a fertility clinic at Women's Hospital. The clinic was called the "UBC Centre for Reproductive Health" and was the first clinic to achieve an IVF pregnancy in Canada. It closed earlier this year for many different reasons.