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I didn't want my blog to become stale but lately I haven't been writing much.  I blame myself and Facebook and Instagram and Netflix and a few other life distractions. I am sure in the pre-social media years I got a lot more done. Then again, maybe I didn't and I am just glamourizing the olden days.  Anyway, I am on vacation this week so thought I'd put fingers to my keyboard. 


happy 2017

Happy New Year’s Eve 2016!  Now that I have eaten my body weight in chocolate and chips, it’s time to make resolutions.  First, stop eating my body weight in chocolate and chips.  My other resolutions are pretty similar to previous years:

Ectopic Pregnancy

Maybe it's my mother's influcence but I do think things happen in threes. Yes, since my birth, my mother has been warning me that after two relatives die, it's only a matter of time before a third one bites the dust too. After two stubbed toes, two bad hair cuts, two car accidents, two divorces, two failed anything, a third one is inevitable. I am not sure why bad but not good things run in threes, but it's best not to question superstition too much anyway.



Friday night I was watching Dax Shepard, the actor, on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He and his wife, Kristen Bell, have two young children. He was describing how quickly and unexpectedly they conceived their second child after their first. He said that just a few days after learning Kristen was pregnant with their second child, he had a vasectomy, not wanting more than two children. I gasped. What if something had happened in the pregnancy and the baby hadn't survived?  What if they had changed their minds later and wanted a third child?  What if...?


How Many Eggs?

How many eggs am I going to get? This is a good question and nearly every IVF patient will ask me this at some point during their treatment. While I've been doing IVF for a decade, I still stammer when trying to answer this question. Why don't I know how many eggs a woman is going to get in IVF when I am looking at the egg sacs (aka follicles) on ultrasound?

When It Doesn't Work

IVF works most of the time in couples where the female age is under 40. When it doesn't work, we ask: is it the embryo or is it the woman? With more widespread use of chromosome screening of embryos -- called Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) or Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) --  the embryo is less likely to be the culprit.

Egg Freezing - What Happens?

Saturday night and instead of having tapas at some cool restaurant, attending the opera, or dancing at a club, I am in my pajamas reading the latest edition of Fertility and Sterility. Something happened when I hit 40. Since turning 40, reading or watching TV in my pajamas is exactly how I like to spend my Saturday nights.

New Year

It's New Year's Resolution season. Every year I resolve to exercise more, show more gratitude, eat better, and let more things go. I started the exercise resolution yesterday.  

Dose of IVF Drugs

It's Christmas Day at 10:30pm and everyone in my house is tucked away. Earlier today, two of my children got dinosaur eggs in their Christmas stockings while one did not. Dinosaur eggs come from the Dollar Store and after you soak them for 12-24 hours, a rubber dinosaur is born. My eldest daughter was quite upset to not have gotten any eggs in her stocking. Bad move, Santa. Anyway, as I sit here tonight wondering how I could have predicted that my 8-year-old daughter would have wanted a dinosaur egg, I got to thinking about eggs - the human kind.