Why do we need so many sperm?

Happy 2019!  Looking back at my blogs, it seems the most popular ones are the simplest.  The ones where I attempt to explain the every day questions of infertility.  Sure, chatting about fancy lab treatments like PGT-A is exciting, but most people are hoping they will never need a "fancy lab treatment" to get pregnant.  They have good questions about the basics of getting pregnant, or not.

donor egg moms

"Will I love the child?" "Will I be able to bond with them?"  I get asked this a lot by women considering using an egg donor.  These questions are heart-breaking.  I often get a lump in my throat when I'm asked these questions because I know the place they are coming from.  The woman asking is almost always broken; broken by the long and painful process of infertility. By the time a woman is considering egg donation she has usually tried for years to conceive with their own eggs and it has not worked.

bleeding is scary

There are few things as terrifying as bleeding in pregnancy.  Even a spot, or a pink tinge on the paper after you wipe, will make most women panic. I've been there - several times.  It's scary as hell as you don't know: is this the start of a miscarriage? will it stop? what can I do to make it stop? is the baby ok? what am I supposed to do?  

En route to ASRM Conference

I’m about 35,000 feet up en route to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) conference in Denver.  For some reason I always feel bad for myself when I fly.  My mind says things like “well if you have to be crammed on a plane you should treat yourself.”  My treat is trashy magazines and silly TV shows.


I'm on vacation. When I walked out of the clinic on Tuesday many people commented "don't think about this place,"  "relax - we'll take care of your patients,"  "don't do work while you are away."  I never heed that advice.  When I am on vacation I find it is the perfect time to relax and flip through research journals, catch up on emails and think about work, a lot.  It's this break from the day-to-day concentration each patient sitting in front of you needs to getting to think bigger picture about practice, the future and how we can do better.

way of eating

I love getting on the latest bandwagon.  I'm a pretty early adopter of trendy stuff like when everyone started counting their steps I had a fitbit strapped on. I whitened my teeth the first time a Crest commercial told me I should, about 15 years ago. I took yoga classes in the 90s before there were even yoga clothes.  My latest trend? Low carb, high fat eating.

Tank safety

There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about the security and safety of the embryos, sperm and eggs we have frozen in our cryopreservation or cryo tanks. I am on vacation this week and was out for a run and our tanks were on my mind. Our lab director would say an hour doesn’t go by when he doesn’t think about our tanks.