don't wait after a miscarriage

I'll make this brief because it is 10pm on Friday night and Netflix is calling, but: please do not wait to try and get pregnant again after a miscarriage.  We've known for years that you are more fertile and less likely to have an adverse pregnancy outcome if you get pregnant soon (within 6 months ideally) of a miscarriage.  It's "old school" to tell women to wait a few months to get pregnant after a miscarriage, but this message is still being conveyed by some health care providers.


1% of couples trying to conceive have three or more miscarriages. Miscarriages are hard on women and couples both emotionally and physically. Most miscarriages are caused by a chromosome abnormality in the fetus. Fetuses with chromosome problems often implant/stick in the uterus for days to weeks and then miscarry. Some women will miscarry chromosomally normal fetuses, which is very worrisome and prompts further testing. About half the time the testing will find a reason the woman miscarries chromosomally normal fetuses, but the rest of the time we don't know why.

Unfair Outcomes

I've been away from my computer for much of the last two weeks as my parents were judging, I mean "visiting," from Nova Scotia. Ok, they are wonderful people who have given me a warm, caring upbring and I love them dearly, but as an adult, I often feel judged by them. Not in a harsh direct way, but in an indirect, uncertain way that is 90% my insecurities and 10% their "why doesn't she have better-posture-nicer-clothes-more-polite-children-cleaner-house" kind of way.