My blog went stale the past few weeks. I really didn't want that to happen. I haven't posted in a really long time... I think I got a bit busy, was feeling like I didn't have much interesting to say (research published in the last couple of months has been rather boring - either too esoteric or too silly), I started watching Game of Thrones and just kind of felt like I was in a funk.


vitamin D

I think sunscreen typifies the anxiety that has been bred by the internet and media.  Is it good or bad?  Fifty years ago we would assume it is good as our doctor would have told us to use it, teachers in school would remind us it is important and we'd have no or few resources to check whether they were right.  If the doctor and teachers were right this was a better time.  We would have been saved google searches that doubted the doctor.  I think there would be less anxiety.  Of course, the big assumption is that the doctor and teachers are right.

weight gain in pregnancy

A friend of mine always hates her job.  Every job she has ever had has been "the worst."  She moves from job to job and inevitably after the 2 month mark in a new job complains how terrible it is.  I once bought her a greeting card that read "You hate your job?  Why didn't you say so?  There's a support group for that.  It's called 'everybody' and they meet at the bar."  She didn't laugh like I did. 



I just got back from a family vacation in Nova Scotia. There I gained about 10 lbs, never exercised, and listened to countless funny stories about relatives I've never met. I do the same thing every summer and while it objectively sounds boring, it's actually quite fun. Food is love and the more sugary and buttery the food they serve, the more a maritimer loves you. So visiting old friends and family on vacation meant eating plenty of butter-soaked lobster, ice cream, and potato chips. Again, a lot of fun. Now I have a rich-food hangover and jet lag.

Endometriosis and Pregnancy

Infertility doctors rarely take care of women after the first few weeks of pregnancy. This is because it's hard to master the science of infertility and also master pregnancy care. So, like that jerk who got your friend-of-a-friend pregnant in high school, we get women pregnant and then leave them after the first month or so of pregnancy. Haha. Ok, that sounds calous but it's a tiny bit true.


Just when we thought we had enough things to worry about... the Zika virus. We've known about it since the 1950s. It's found in certain mosquitoes in warm climates. If you get bitten by a Zika virus-carrying mosquito, you'll likely have no symptoms. About 20% of those bitten will develop a flu-like illness. After you are bitten, you can carry the virus in your body for up to three months, but most people carry it for less than two weeks.

New Year

It's New Year's Resolution season. Every year I resolve to exercise more, show more gratitude, eat better, and let more things go. I started the exercise resolution yesterday.  

Dose of IVF Drugs

It's Christmas Day at 10:30pm and everyone in my house is tucked away. Earlier today, two of my children got dinosaur eggs in their Christmas stockings while one did not. Dinosaur eggs come from the Dollar Store and after you soak them for 12-24 hours, a rubber dinosaur is born. My eldest daughter was quite upset to not have gotten any eggs in her stocking. Bad move, Santa. Anyway, as I sit here tonight wondering how I could have predicted that my 8-year-old daughter would have wanted a dinosaur egg, I got to thinking about eggs - the human kind.

Menstrual Cycle Length

One of the first questions we ask the woman, when seeing couples with infertility, is "how often do you have your period?" We ask this question because if a woman has a "regular period," there's a 95% chance that she is ovulating. So you can learn a lot from this simple question. A menstrual cycle length is counted from the first day of bleeding to the next first day of bleeding, and a "regular period" means the woman has her period every 25-34 days throughout the year. Is there an ideal menstrual cycle length for fertility? Yes.

Infections in Pregnancy

My family just got a hamster. This adds to our dog and goldfish to create a zoo-like atmosphere around my house. I do love life and the more the better. When we bought the little guy, named Chippie, I had to sign a contract saying I would treat the hamster well and wash my hands after handling him (we should probably have to do this when giving birth to humans, but I digress). Once I signed the contract, they gave me a brochure about zoonosis. I just sat down now and read it.