New things in 2018

Live with no regrets, dance like no one is watching, live every day like it is your last. For me that is all nonsense. That kind of fridge-magnet and facebook-friendly advice just makes me feel badly about myself. I have regrets, I waste a lot of time, and why would i dance like no one is watching? Anyway, for people like me who are pretty sure we aren't yet living our "best life" the new year is awesome. It's this awesome time when you get a little reset. You get to imagine being a better version of yourself in the future. For me I say to myself that I will cut down on sugar, exercise more, show more gratitude, be more present with my family, etc. all on January 1. That date takes the pressure off doing all those good things today. Yeah, I know that's now how Oprah would have me live, but it works for me.

Anyway, 2018 is going to be a good year at Olive too. We are going to get more people successfully pregnant than ever (every year at Olive we get more people pregnant and a higher percentage of our patients pregnant as we advance our treatments and lab protocols). In 2018 there are a couple of other changes coming at the clinic. Dr. Gunu Warraich is leaving us for Winnipeg to be closer to her family. That's sad for us and her patients but it is the right thing for her to do, personally. In her place, Dr. Shaun Tregoning will see patients and perform hysteroscopy and ultrasound at the Surrey office. He won't be working at the Vancouver office - just Surrey. He'll take the lead there and improve patient access to care "east of the Fraser." He's an experienced and well trained Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility doctor and we are lucky to have him join the Surrey office.

Starting March 2018 I am going to stop doing surgery. It was a large decision but stopping surgery means I can spend more time at Olive - less at the hospital - and I won't need to do night call anymore. I'll miss surgery but I know it is better for Olive if more time is spent at the clinic.

What are our clinic goals for 2018? There are plenty, but the major ones are to improve our flow so our waitlist to be seen by a physician is shorter, do more research on the causes of miscarriage and failed implantation, improve the patient experience even more, communicate/educate more through social media, push the government for funding of IVF, and improve access to care for those patients outside of the lower mainland. It's all do-able.

We probably won't dance like no one is watching, but we'll definitely help more people achieve their family dreams in 2018. I wish you fertility and happiness in 2018.