My blog went stale the past few weeks. I really didn't want that to happen. I haven't posted in a really long time... I think I got a bit busy, was feeling like I didn't have much interesting to say (research published in the last couple of months has been rather boring - either too esoteric or too silly), I started watching Game of Thrones and just kind of felt like I was in a funk.


I think women have these times. I have girlfriends anyway, who tell me they too have had a few "off" months. Maybe it has to do with hormones, after all I am entering those peri-menopausal year. Maybe it has to do with the news (I have taken a break listening to the CBC as it got exhausting listening to story after story about marijuana, homelessness, housing and Donald Trump). Maybe it has to do with a lack of free time.


What gets a person out of a funk? Maybe just time. I also think there is some choice involved. When things feel crummy for a reason like illness or infertility or hormones or relationships or for no reason you can think of we can choose to:

  • google our way out of it. Information is empowering. Understanding what is happening and making a plan to treat it.
  • talk to others and realize they too feel the same way, at times change your lifestyle to feel better or at least feel like you are doing something to improving your situation - diet, exercise, schedule
  • sleep. I am convinced everyone feels better/stronger/smarter/nicer after 8 hours of decent sleep
  • decide what makes you happy and bring more of that into your life
  • watch Game of Thrones to take your mind off all normal existence


I've been trying to do all of these lately. I've decided my hormones are fine, everyone feels a bit crummy at times (even though their Instagram feed says otherwise), I'm sleeping 7-8 hours a night, I'm scheduling more time with friends, and I am watching Game of Thrones like a crack addict.


That's my story. I am back in the blog-saddle.  Stay tuned. I just gave a talk last week on adenomyosis and infertility at Ob/Gyn meeting and will blog shortly with some advice.  I have a few other ideas on infertlity topics you might like to hear this fall.



Dr. Beth Taylor MD, FRCSC
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility