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Dr Niamh Tallon

With the opening of the Olive Fertility North Vancouver clinic, Dr. Niamh Tallon, a fertility specialist with nearly a decade of clinical experience in IVF care, will be offering comprehensive fertility care close to home for women who live in North and West Van and the Sea-to-Sky communities.

In addition to treating infertility in private practice, Dr Tallon is a Clinical Associate Professor at UBC. She also works as part of a team of healthcare providers at the women’s reproductive health program, BCWH, dealing with early pregnancy complications.

Dr Tallon has personal as well as professional experience with infertility. Her own struggles have given her particular insight into and empathy with her patients.

"I understand how hard it is to go through the physical and emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatment and feel like you have no control. But the good news is that with perseverance and the advancements in fertility treatment most women will achieve their dream of having a baby."

Olive Fertility Centre is of Canada’s largest fertility clinics with clinics in Vancouver, Surrey and North Vancouver.


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