Booking Tests

Blood Test

Blood tests, including hormone testing, don’t require an appointment. Requisitions will be mailed to you before your consultation and can be taken to any Lifelabs or BC Biomed -- locations are listed on the back of the requisitions. For the time-sensitive hormone testing, when determining what day of the menstrual cycle you are on, the first day of full-flow menstruation (not just spotting) counts as Day 1.

Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

Please call the radiology centre (Laurel Radiology: 604-879-7726) on the 1st day of your menstrual cycle to schedule an appointment for the procedure which will typically be performed within days 5-12 of your cycle. HSG bookings are limited so it is possible that you may have to wait one or two months to have the test.


Please call Olive on the 1st day of your menstrual cycle to schedule the appointment for the procedure, which will typically be performed within days 5-12 of your cycle.

Semen Analysis

Please call Novavita.

If you choose Lifelabs/BC Biomed, you must call the lab directly (phone numbers are on the requisition) to schedule an appointment. When you are given your appointment, the specimen should be produced at home and delivered within one hour. A delay in processing the specimen can lead to inaccuracies in the interpretation of results.

If you choose to have the analysis performed at Olive, call the office to schedule an appointment. In this case, you will produce a specimen at the clinic in one of the comfortable, well-appointed semen production rooms. Scheduling the semen analysis at Olive eliminates the need to transport the specimen and ensures a timely analysis by our anthology experts. If the test is performed at Olive, there is a $100 fee. At Lifelabs/BC Biomed, the cost for the test is covered by MSP.

Ideally, before producing the semen sample for analysis, abstinence should be practiced for 2-3 days but not more than 5.


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