Fertility Testing for Men

Many men do not realize that infertility is a male problem, but at least 40% of couples experience infertility because of a male factor. A semen analysis is an integral part of the fertility evaluation for men, even when a known problem exists in the female partner.

A semen sample can be collected at home or, if you are using the NovaVita lab, it can be collected on site. It should be produced into a sterile specimen container provided by the lab. If it is produced at home, the sample should be transported to the lab in less than 30 minutes for analysis. Sometimes a second semen analysis may be ordered 2-3 months later to ensure that the sperm parameters are stable or to reassess any abnormalities on the initial test.

All men will also have blood drawn for a routine infectious disease testing, which is required for all our patients.

If a consistent and severe problem is found in the semen analysis, the patient may be referred to an urologist for additional evaluation.

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