LGBTQ2+ Couples

At Olive we have helped dozens of LGBTQ2+ couples and singles create families.

LGBTQ2+ couples and individuals who wish to become parents can consider various treatment options.

What to Expect During Treatment

Since each situation is unique, your physician at Olive will discuss your specific treatment options with you. There are various approaches to treatment, including using donor sperm or eggs, gestational carriers, surrogacy, and directed egg donation from one partner to another. You will need a counselling session if you are considering donor sperm, donor eggs, surrogacy, or gestational carriers.

How Successful Is It?

The expected success rate is highly variable, depending on your specific situation and the type of treatment involved. This may range from 5%-80% per attempt, depending on the treatment. Your Olive physician can review the odds with you.

How to Get Started

Ask your GP or walk-in clinic for a referral to Olive. Your Olive physician will review the details and help you get started.

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