Like many middle class educated professional women, I was unable to find a suitable mate. I spent my 30s pining for Mr Right, so I could get on with creating a family much like the one I grew up in. After some challenging relationships my 40th birthday marked a turning point in my search. I was no longer going to look for “him” I was going to create my own family. I had saved eggs already when I was 37 (thanks to a CBC radio program, Olive and the wisdom and support of my mom), so all that was left to do was to “shop” for my donor. 

At this point, without trying I had met a delightful man and he was supportive of my chosen path of single motherhood. He was welcome to come along for the ride, but I was no longer on any man’s schedule. I had shed my desire to please another person in order to get the family I dreamed of. My life and my family was mine to create. It would take a special man to not be threatened or scared by this reality.

This September 2018 my embryo was implanted and I became pregnant. Over the 9 months that Arieh grew inside my belly, Philip and I also grew closer. He asked me to marry him this March and when Arieh was born his birth certificate has both our names. Arieh Gustav Grunberg-Ferreira was born May 29th at 11:33AM. This summer I will marry my soul mate and Arieh will be there under the chuppah (Jewish marriage canopy) with us. Our son is a miracle to both of us. Every day we are grateful I saved my eggs and that Olive was able to help us create the family we both dreamed of. I have a second embryo and we hope to one day soon add a brother or sister to our happy house.