blocked tubes

February 29, 2020

About 15% of our patients have tubal factor infertility, meaning we think blocked or diseased Fallopian tubes are the reason they are infertile. We assess the tubes with a hysterosalpingogram (HSG). The HSG is also called the “dye test” because dye is passed up through the uterus and out the tubes. An x-ray is then taken and the radiologist can sort out whether the tubes are open or not.


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environmental toxins

March 19, 2019

Are we going to hell in a handbag? My mother thought so, mostly because I had terrible manners, poor posture and listened to music that was too loud.
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March 04, 2016

Just when we thought we had enough things to worry about... the Zika virus. We've known about it sin
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Why do we need so many sperm?

January 04, 2019

Happy 2019! Looking back at my blogs, it seems the most popular ones are the simplest. The ones where I attempt to explain the every day questions of infertility.
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Whole grains are good for you

June 19, 2016

Is there a diet you should follow to promote fertility? The Environment and Reproductive Health (EAR
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Who needs a surrogate?

November 16, 2013

When a couple is infertile, they naturally try to figure out the problem on their own. "Is it my ute
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Who can provide fertility treatment?

February 15, 2014

The Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society just released a statement suggesting that only Reprod
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Who can be parents

July 27, 2013

The cynical among us might think a fertility clinic will treat anyone who walks through the door.
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When It Doesn't Work

April 10, 2016

IVF works most of the time in couples where the female age is under 40. When it doesn't work, we ask
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Welcome to Olive Fertility

February 10, 2013

Welcome. Like me, you've probably taken a long route to get here. While Olive is physically a new cl
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