NIPT Prenatal Testing

Olive Fertility is pleased to be able to offer the most advanced Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) available, giving you accurate information about the health of your pregnancy in as early as 10 weeks.



What is NIPT?

NIPT is a new prenatal screening test that offers pregnant women accurate information about the genetic health of their baby without the risk associated with invasive testing such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

This breakthrough new test allows us to screen the baby’s genetic material (DNA) by taking a simple blood sample from the mother’s arm. The baby’s genetic material (which is in the mother’s blood) is measured to look for both too few and too many copies of certain chromosomes. When a baby has three copies of a chromosome instead of the usual two, this is called a trisomy.

figure 1 Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPT)


What does NIPT Test for?

NIPT is used to screen for the most common genetic conditions, such as:

  • Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)
  • Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)
  • Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome)
  • Sex Chromosome conditions (X, XXX, XXY, XYY)

Why Choose NIPT at Olive?

At Olive, you have support every step of the way. Choosing the prenatal screening that’s best for you and your pregnancy can be confusing. However, at Olive you will have the option of meeting with one of our certified genetic counsellors, who will discuss your options and any concerns you may have. After your information session you will have a single blood sample drawn. After the results are available, Rachel or Colleen will review them with you and provide you and your care provider with a detailed report. If NIPT identifies any concerns, follow-up recommendations and referrals will be made by our genetic counsellors.

We offer the most clinically-proven test available. After extensively reviewing all the options for NIPT testing, we chose the Harmony NIPT Test by Ariosa Diagnostics as the best test for our patients because of the: 

  • Low cost
  • Low test failure rates
  • Fast turn-around-time for results
  • Extensive studies on thousands of women
  • Advanced testing methodology

NIPT with Harmony is:

Extremely Accurate

  • >99% detection rate for Down syndrome
  • Low false positive rate of <0.1%
  • Low test failure rate of 3%


  • Requires only 1 blood test


  • A blood test is taken from the mother’s arm and poses no risk to the pregnancy


  • Test can be done as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy


  • Results are available in a maximum of 12 calendar days after the blood draw, and usually earlier

How does NIPT Compare to other Current Screening Tests?

  • Amnio 100%
  • NIPT >99%
  • IPS 87%
  • SIPS 85%
  • FTS 83%


Prenatal Screening for Fetal Aneuploidy in Singleton Pregnancies. Joint SOGC-CCMG Clinical Practice Guidelines. No. 261


Is NIPT Accurate for Multiple Pregnancies?

Yes. Studies have shown that NIPT with Harmony is very accurate for both single and twin pregnancies.  However, NIPT is not able to provide information on fetal sex chromosomes (X and Y) twin pregnancies.

Are NIPT Results Conclusive?

NIPT, like other prenatal screening tests, is not considered diagnostic (100% accurate). However, if the NIPT result is abnormal, we will provide you with counselling and offer you diagnostic testing, like amniocentesis, which will give definitive results.

How do I get NIPT?

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