Our Team


Gerry Courtney RN
Nurse Manager
Jennifer Lyford RN
Interim Assistant Nurse Manager
Elisha Ogglesby RN, BScN
Assistant Nurse Manager
Tammi Reid LPN
Clinical Site Coordinator, Surrey
Paula Anderson RN, BSN
Wendy Baker RN, BSN
Rajdeep Kaur RN, BSN
Anna Kongyuy-Lainer RN
Sue McKeachie RN, BSN
Nora Lee RN
Megan Sadownik RN, BSN
Brittany Reitsma RN, BSN
Jill Joyce RN
Heather Loeffelholz RN
Rachelle Cordes-Sprakes RN
Carly Irons RN
Alisa Wachtel RN
Helen Ortojan RN
Oxana Senyuk RN
Amy Malone RN
Sarah Murphy RN
Avegail Medina RN
Samantha Savoie LPN
Han Power RN, BSN
Jelena Mullin LPN
Rachel Low RN, BSN
Natalie Tran RN, BSN
Bhavdeep Dhillon (Tinny) LPN
Nicole Hughes LPN
Kathy Dinh RN, BScN
Sarah Balneaves LPN
Amrit Purbah
Senior Sterile Supply Technician
Gloria Wereta
Sterile Supply Technician
Marcela Poblete
Sterile Supply Technician
Raquel Burias
Sterile Supply Technician

Laboratory Director

Dr Salaheldin Abdelgadir
Dr Salaheldin Abdelgadir
Laboratory Director

Dr Abdelgadir received a BVSc from the University of Khartoum, followed by an MSc and a PhD from Oregon State University. Subsequently, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Oregon Health Sciences University and served as a staff scientist at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Centre, specializing in primate in vitro fertilization and andrology. Since then, Dr Abdelgadir has worked as an embryology and andrology laboratory director in many clinics in the United States for the last 15 years and now brings his extensive experience to Olive Fertility Centre.

He is the only full-time, PhD-level embryology laboratory director in BC who is certified as a Technical Supervisor, High-Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director, and Clinical Consultant in both andrology and embryology by the American Board of Bioanalysis. His certification as a laboratory inspector for the American College of Pathologists is consistent with his commitment to quality control and safety in the lab. While some lab directors only work part-time or on a consultant basis, Dr. Abdelgadir is fully committed to Olive, overseeing an experienced staff for all embryology and andrology procedures. More than just a laboratory director, Dr. Abdelgadir is a very hands-on worker, personally performing many of the complicated procedures.


Dr. Nadia Ouhibi PhD
Embryology Technical Supervisor
Jing Chen MSc
Justin Smrz BSc
Leila Negahban MSc
Andrology Supervisor
Sara Edsall MSc
Jeffrey Caudle MSc
Dr Justin (Jay) Lardizabal PhD
Thomas Johnson BSc
Elimar Acosta MLT
Sanghamitra Mummadi BSc
Gilda Farhadian BSc
Daniel Watson BSc
Vilte Grigutis BSc
Chen Jing MSc
Data Analyst
Kyla Yeates
Laboratory Coordinator

Genetic Counsellors

Rachel Butler BSc, MSc, CGC, CCGC
Colleen Guimond MSc, CGC
Sarah Neil MSc, CGC, CCGC


Penny Blesch CHRP
Operations & HR Director
Raissa Grieves
Clinical Site Coordinator, Vancouver
Michelle Frappier
Patient Care Coordinator
Katrina Lawson
Patient Care Coordinator
Pinky Barrett
Patient Care Coordinator
Patricia Bondoc
Patient Care Coordinator
Julie Wong
Patient Care Coordinator
Julija Sotnicenko
Patient Care Coordinator
Nicole Radusin
Patient Care Coordinator
Loretta Chan
Patient Care Coordinator
Betty Chu
Patient Care Coordinator
Carrie Bennett
Referral Coordinator
Marluth Negrido
Medical Office Assistant
Anna Tran
Medical Office Assistant
Cecilia Chei
Medical Office Assistant
Tracey Mills
Luc Wisla
Network Administrator

Accounting Team

Drew Barker CPA, CA
Yvonne St Pierre
Accounting Manager
Tatyana Galochkina
Accounting Supervisor
Sonia Nazar
Accounting Specialist
Ashley Bartlett
Patient Service Representative
Prabjot Chhina
Patient Service Representative
Tammie O’Brien
Patient Service Representative
Anastasia Kokinis
Patient Service Representative
Stacy Bonnes
Patient Service Representative
Suzanne Nahanee
Patient Service Representative
Randie-Lynn Hughes
Patient Service Representative