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  • Experts You Can Trust
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A sincere thank-you to all our wonderful patients who chose Olive to help them create their families and voted us the winner of the Georgia Straight's

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With clinics in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Surrey, British Columbia, we have helped thousands of couples and single parents achieve their dream.


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good genes

Sep 30, 2016


Sep 08, 2016

Olive Fertility Centre is pleased to announce the opening of

Olive Fertility North Vancouver

Dr Tallon, an infertility specialist, is pleased to offer fertility consultations for the North Vancouver, Whistler and Sunshine Coast communities in BC.


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Fertility dialogue needs to be LGBT–inclusive

Georgia Straight

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

For as long as Maria McLeod can remember, she has wanted to have a baby. Her journey to becoming a mom, however, was hardly straightforward. She and her same-sex partner faced difficulties that heterosexual couples don’t.


McLeod explains that the couple began trying to get pregnant in the spring of 2012. The plan was that she would carry the baby, while her partner’s brother, who is also queer, was willing to donate sperm. He felt strongly about doing things formally through a clinic in Toronto, where he lives.