Waiting Room

Fertility clinic waiting rooms are often anxiety-filled places. That's why our front receptionist, Tracy, does her best to make the place feel like her living room. She is the warmest, kindest face a clinic could have. She is exactly who I would want to greet me if I went to a fertility clinic's waiting room. However, even with Tracy trying to bring warmth and familarity to the experience, a waiting room is still a waiting room.

I think many patients wonder if the other people in the room have the same issues they have. Well, let me tell you the types of patients that came through our waiting room today. They included people who were:

  • waiting for their embryo transfer
  • with low sperm count
  • coming for an ultrasound at 8 weeks of pregnancy
  • coming for a hysteroscopy to see if the inside of their uterus is normal
  • previously had their tubes tied and now want them open
  • having frozen embryos from a previous IVF cycle and want to use them for a sibling for their daughter
  • needing surgery to have a polyp removed from their uterus
  • having a low egg count in their early 30s
  • going to a clinic in the USA for donor eggs and needing an ultrasound
  • taking clomid and were here for an insemination
  • waiting to have their egg retrieval

That's just a few of the patients who were in our waiting room today. What they all have in common is a desire to have a healthy pregnancy. Fortunately, most of them will. Most patients avoid eye contact with each other and sit quietly, but others make friends in the waiting room. Two of my patients met during their frequent IVF cycle monitoring visits and now their families have picnics together.

We do hope your time in our waiting room is comfortable and brief. It's hard to take away anxiety completely unless we gave everyone an anti-anxiety pill at the front desk when they check-in. Now, that would change the vibe in the waiting room!