Clinic rules

These COVID times are hard times.  They are.  We are trying our very best to stay open to keep helping people. A condition of staying open is that we do not permit non-essential visitors to the clinic. We cannot allow partners, children or other support people in the clinic, sadly.  Everyone must wear a mask.  No one can come into the clinic (staff or patient) who does not pass the COVID screening questions.


Every day people are still asking us to make exceptions to these rules.  I get it – this is a hard process made harder if you cannot have the people you need around you.   Ultimately, though, we are choosing between staying open and breaking the rules.


Everyone at Olive hates saying “no” to these daily requests, but we must.  So, please, please respect our guidelines.  These guidelines help keep people safe and are not meant to be punitive or unreasonable.  We just want to stay open and help people grow their families!



Dr. Beth Taylor MD, FRCSC
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility