COVID part 2

I survived COVID-19.  Googling how I can get that on a bumper sticker now.

I feel great again. It was a terrible flu but it passed and I have been released from isolation by the Medical Officer of Health.  Now, I move around the world with some confidence as I am immune.  While there are two strains of the COVID virus, reinfection or infection with the other strain is not common. I will still take the same precautions everyone is taking to avoid getting sick again, though.

Because I am immune I carry antibodies against the virus. My next plan is to see if I can donate my blood plasma to help others who might be fighting COVID.  

Patients who I saw in person while I had the virus have all been notified.  It has been more than 14 days since their exposure to me, in all cases, so it seems I did not transmit the virus. I didn't transmit it to my family either (at least no one has gotten ill).  What a relief.

Stay safe everyone!



Dr. Beth Taylor MD, FRCSC
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility