Family Medicine and Fertility

Fertility medicine is a very subspecialized field under obstetrics and gynecology. I have the great privilege to work alongside some amazing, dedicated and expert reproductive endocrinologist here at Olive.

I have a passion for fertility in family medicine, however, because fertility is a bio-psycho-social, whole-person experience that may manifest in a person’s interaction with their family doc long before they may even be considering “fertility”.

Whether it’s a young woman with irregular cycles, a couple who have tried for many months, a woman who’ve gone through unexpected losses or an individual contemplating ways to preserve fertility in light of other health issues- you have come through my office. We have shared moments of fear, grief, surprise, guarded hope, relief and joy.

Together I hope that we can navigate some of the common questions and fears that may spring up in your health. In the upcoming months I will be blogging on various health topics that I see in my family practice office and chat about how it may relate to fertility.

To walk alongside my patients during their different stages of life is my honor as a family doc and I hope that the info I share will also be informative and helpful. If you have any specific topics or questions you would like to learn about, feel free to let me know: IG @askdrma; 

Dr. Charmaine Ma, BSc(Pharm), MD, Dip Fam Med (HK), CCFP