Pregnancy rates after COVID-19 vaccination. 


The safety of the COVID-19 vaccines in the context of fertility and pregnancy has been endorsed repeatedly by the World Health Organization and all of the important professional societies (SGOC, CFAS, ASRM, ACOG, ESHRE, yada yada). I have blogged on this a few times: link here, here, and here for my thoughts. However, it is always nice to have logic and reason supported by data, and a new study published in Fertility & Sterility Reports does just that: 


Dr. Randy Morris compared 3 groups of patients: 1) vaccinated against COVID-19, 2) previously infected with COVID-19 virus, and 3) neither infected nor vaccinated.  Antibodies to the COVID-19 spike protein were measured in all patients to confirm their immunity status. In the vaccinated group, patients received either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, both mRNA-based. The design of the study was simple and elegant: outcomes were compared after frozen embryo transfer of a single embryo.  


The data from the paper is copied below, but here’s the bottom line: implantation and ongoing pregnancy rates were identical in all 3 groups. (Actually, point values were better in the vaccination group, but statistically speaking, there were no differences.) Furthermore, miscarriage rates were not higher in those who were vaccinated compared to others (again, at face value results were better in the vaccinated group). 


Perhaps even this will not convince those that are entrenched in the anti-vax conspiracy theories. However, for the reasonable people out there who were just nervous about jeopardizing their fertility and were waiting for data, I hope you find this evidence enlightening. For those of you who already been vaccinated, good on you. You are saving lives, not the least of which is your own.