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Jul 22, 2014 | Dr Beth Taylor

I have a feeling a lot of women do not know their anatomy.  One of my favorite parts in season 2 of Orange is the New Black is when the inmates argue about how many holes a woman has "down there."  Tina Fey also admits to being uncertain about just how many holes a woman has in her book Bossy Pants.  In my decade or so practicing medicine I've been asked many questions that also suggest a lot of women just aren't sure of their anatomy "down there."  


During IVF treatment smart, educated, and self-aware women will ask me if they can...

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The art of being a woman is shared between friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, and aunts and nieces. We might learn to shave our legs from our mother, tie a sari from our grandmother, walk in high heels from our sister or make an old family recipe from our aunt. The art is interpreted and improved by the women in our lives with the goal of raising us to a higher aesthetic, domestic or cultural level.

What about the science of...