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We are one of Canada’s largest fertility centres providing comprehensive care from diagnosis to advanced IVF treatment. With our advanced IVF lab, personal care teams, 70+ years of combined experience, and innovative programs that include specialized genetic testing, egg freezing, and prenatal NIPT testing, we provide you with an excellent chance of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Times, they have changed. In the 1970s, our understanding of reproduction had advanced enough that we could start to help infertile couples conceive. Fertility clinics opened and test-tube babies became a reality. Back then, the math of fertility was simple: Egg + sperm + uterus = baby. Heterosexual couples would go to a fertility clinic and their eggs, sperm and uterus would be assessed. The fertility doctors would hopefully fix the couple’s...

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Feb 09, 2015 | Dr Beth Taylor

Three parent babies.  Now, that's a headline: emotional, evocative and brief.  It's not entirely accurate but every major news publication has used this headline in the past week.  Why?  Well the UK just passed legislation that will allow mitochondiral replacement.

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